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19 messages

Thank you for a wonderful wedding memory and photographs.
Your skills and romantic photos.
We love
thanks to Bora Bora

thmas , plymouth (ÉTATS-UNIS) . Envoyé le 27/01/2009

merci beaucoup pour tout!!!
My husband and I were very pleased with not only the pictures but all of Jean Luc's patience. We took pictures from many different locations....
We are so delighted with the pictures and will treasure them.
Michelle & Pedro

pedro , pasadena (ÉTATS-UNIS) . Envoyé le 27/01/2009

Thanks for making such great photos, giving us pictures for our life time! Now that we have seen the photos we are glad to have chosen jean luc photo


thomas , vienne (AUTRICHE) . Envoyé le 27/01/2009

dear jean luc
thank you very much again for all the great pictures you took! We had a look when we came back from wonderful Bora Bora and we loved all pictures. It's great to have such a fantastic series of pictures of our perfect wedding! We will definitely recommend you in case anyone ever needs a photographer in Bora Bora!
Best ,
Kolja & Sabrina

korei , santa monica (ÉTATS-UNIS) . Envoyé le 27/01/2009

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